Why my business is back on Social Media…

…just a little more wiser.

Almost six months ago, I removed my business from social media. I wrote this blog post explaining why. At the time, my reasoning was relevant to my business and it still is today – but honestly, it was also a little narrow-minded and short-sighted.

I love what stepping away from the noise has done for Salt Mama. There is now a clear direction with a vision of my own, a knowledge of how I want to connect and who I want to connect with, and I’m not sure I would have felt it so strongly or heard it so loudly if I was still trying to compete with all of that noise.

It actually took another photographer to point me back towards facebook first. He eloquently pointed out that social media is just another window into a shop front. I have to admit, I hadn’t really thought of it quite like that. Since then, I’ve embraced this train of thought and I love that I get to dress these windows in a style that’s representative of my brand and enticing to the passers by (hopefully!).

Ultimately, it’s my client’s decision as to whether or not they share their photographs on social media and while privacy is still a concern I hold, not everyone feels the same way. Sharing blog posts that link back to my website and work that is public by nature feels right for me right now. It could change. Social media is here for now and it really is a steep learning curve for us all. Who knows how long it will last and what changes lie ahead. I guess the point of all of this is to do your research, understand what you’re giving away online, find the right mix for you and your business, not be too proud to admit when you’re wrong and adjust the sails to keep you on your own course.

I believe that everyone is a work of art when they show up and allow themselves to be seen and I’m looking forward to explore that ideal and sharing it with you.

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