The I AM ME! Project

Empowering TWEENS – One Portrait at a Time

Self esteem can be developed or crushed in an instant, especially for the preteen (ages 9-12). I’m sure we all have stories from this age, and if you’re a parent, I’m sure you struggle watching your preteen live through some very ‘big stuff’ that you wish you could magically fix. Self agreements that are made during this age bracket can last well into adulthood.

There’s no easy fix, but I want to do what little I can with the tools I have to reach out and help make a positive impact where possible.


The I AM ME! Project

It’s so important to capture photos of those preteen years. We carry the same core values we display at this age all the way through our adulthood. Sometimes, though, we lose our way and forget who we are and where we belong – especially during the High School Years. The goal of the I AM ME! Project is to help tweens feel centred, strong and self-assured before they begin that next part of the journey by creating an anchor to who they are now – to rejoice in the things that make them different and hold on to in times of struggle.

What would it mean for your TWEEN to have an anchor to their truth?

This is a new portrait project and I’d love for you to be a part of it.

Qualifying Participants receive a FREE photo session ($150 value).

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Imagine if YOU were presented with positive quotes about yourself… how would you feel? I bet it would be AMAZING!

The I AM ME! Wall


Prior to the session, you’ll receive questionnaires to answer and SECRETLY pass out to family + friends.

The portrait session takes place in my private studio, showcasing your tween’s personality and what they love.

A week after your session, you will be invited back to the studio for a cinematic viewing of your slideshow, combining your beautiful portraits with quotes pulled directly from the questionnaires. This is where the magic happens and you and your TWEEN will see it all together for the first time.

Think about it… if someone surprised YOU with positive quotes about yourself, how would you feel?

I bet it would be pretty darned AMAZING!


This project is incredibly important to me and is offered at a very special price. Packages start at only $495, and other products are offered at an amazing 10% of regular pricing. Your $100 retainer is credited toward any purchase you make.



5 x 7.5″ I AM ME! 20 page Book



6 x 9″ I AM ME! 20 page Book

10 5 x 7″ Prints



8 x 8″ I AM ME! 20 page Book + 5 Matted Prints presented in an archival custom photo box

5 x 5″ Mini Album

20 5 x 7″ Prints

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