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The I AM ME! Project – How does it work?

How it works

  • Prior to the session, you’ll receive questionnaires to answer and SECRETLY pass out to family + friends.
  • The portrait session takes place in my private studio, showcasing your tween’s personality and what they love.
  • A week after your session, you will be invited back to the studio for a cinematic viewing of your slideshow, combining your beautiful portraits with quotes pulled directly from the questionnaires. This is where the magic happens and you and your TWEEN will see everything together for the first time.

Think about it… if someone surprised YOU with positive quotes about yourself, how would you feel? I bet it would be pretty darned AMAZING!

Qualifying Participants receive a FREE photo session ($150 value). Every session culminates in a beautiful album and packages start at only $495. To book this fantastic experience for your TWEEN, visit the Contact Page and get in touch with Amanda!

About Salt Mama Studio

A trusted name in PEOPLE Photography;  Salt Mama Studio offers a unique experience whether you are Busy in Business or a Parent who wants to slow down and capture their relationship with their Children, just as they are now.

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