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The I AM ME! Project – Beautiful Products

#ExistInPrint is and always has been a core value of Salt Mama Studio. When you hold onto a photograph in your hands, you hold it in your heart. When you touch it, you step into in the memory of that moment. Every I AM ME! Appointment culminates in a beautiful album. Not just any album either – each legacy album is handcrafted in our Brisbane warehouse, using beautiful archival fine art paper. Children are tactile and this project provides them with something tangible to hold on to in good times and in times of struggle.

There are three Value-Packed Packages available for the I AM ME! project. Click here to find out more and reserve an appointment for your remarkable TWEEN!

About Salt Mama Studio

A trusted name in PEOPLE Photography;  Salt Mama Studio offers a unique experience whether you are Busy in Business or a Parent who wants to slow down and capture their relationship with their Children, just as they are now.

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