Salt Mama Studio is FIVE!

What a journey!

I started this business with such clear intention and it feels like it kinda got a bit muddied somewhere.

I’ve spent the past year just sitting with Salt Mama Studio as I built up my headshot brand: Ipswich Headshots. I’d lost my personal navigation system and found myself trying to fit into what I thought was the ‘photographers mould’. I’d removed my personal boundaries and got caught up in the social media game by trying to avoid it completely. Far out, what a mistake that was! Seems that every time I stopped listening to that quiet inner voice and start listening to the noise outside, things went to pot!

It’s a tricky thing to start a photography business that seeks the substance, connects with the truth and doesn’t really fit into the current trend of looking pretty. I’ve never really quite figured out how to market that and if I’m to be brutally honest, I’d contemplated closing the doors. I think it’s a recurring theme with Creatives – that imposter syndrome is a doozy!

This year I’m turning 50, (far out…I’m nearly awesome! 🙂 ) and I’m feeling clearer and more grounded than ever. I’m really excited to see the look and feel of my business in a few years. Salt Mama has made it to five – I wonder what she’ll look like at 18? She could finally have a Gin!

Substance over Superficiality

I’m going to tackle this marketing thing too – with honesty, integrity and vulnerability. Might have to step into my inner-weirdo.

Seeing portraits at the forefront of my business is my ultimate goal. Dreaming up concepts and creating an artwork that feels like the subject is my favourite thing to do.

I wanted to share this first artwork from my personal project. I’ve been thinking about starting something like this for a long while but hadn’t sat quietly enough to hear what I needed to say. I sure hear it now – loud and clear!

Hello. I’m Amanda Waschevski.


I help people celebrate themselves, just as they are, through beautiful artwork. Are you ready to take the first step?


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