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Photographing the Photographer

I’ve had some lessons in vulnerability lately.

As a Mama, a Wife, a Friend and a Professional Portrait Photographer it’s very easy for me to see the spark in others.  I can find something beautiful in everyone I meet. To me, beauty is something you feel; not something you see and “seeing” you is an integral part of how I do my job best.

I had a refresher course in what it’s like to be seen recently when I updated my Business Portraits. It’s funny, I thought I’d be completely fine. I’d done my research, chosen a Professional Photographer that I trust, absolutely loved our first meeting and was excited for my photo shoot…

…but then I stood in front of the camera.

I froze. All of my loosey goosey swagger was transformed into Elsa with PMS (and I couldn’t Let it Go!).  I mean, really, I pose women all the time. I love that I can help anyone relax in front of a camera, but here I was staring down the barrel of a big lens – an uncoordinated statue looking for…reassurance? Guidance? Acceptance? Anything!

This is where doing the research pays off. My photographer took the time to get to know me first so she immediately saw me struggling and quickly took charge. It was in her confidence that I found my own. My investment in her was truly an investment in myself and it had paid off even before I saw my photographs because the experience in itself was wonderful. Having your photographs taken is supposed to be fun – and it is!

Seeing my photographs was a nerve-wracking and exciting jumble of emotion. Looking at myself, up close and personal was confronting and I found myself staring at ‘her’ for quite a while. I have never seen myself like this yet I know this is the person that people see when they meet me. As a portrait photographer, I knew why. Cameras take pictures from a monocular (single view point) while your eyes use binocular (two view points) to see an image. In essence, when you have two view points you can see certain cues that give an object more depth. When you don’t have that ability the object gets flattened. As a Mama, the emotional story was a different one. I wondered who she was, who she thought she was. I found myself in self-judgement and while my “inner bitch” isn’t as bitchy as she once was and she’s generally pretty quiet these days, she popped in to say hello. Again, it was my photographer who took charge and let me know that I was having my very own little Impostor Experience! (and she was right) A little compassion and a little love and my “inner bitch” was back in her box.

I’ve come to genuinely love my photographs in a short time and it’s the complete experience offered by my awesome photographer that only adds to their value. For me, these photographs are priceless. The represent who I am – really who I am and it’s this level of authenticity that I strive for with every client I photograph. My image matters because I matter. I’m sharing this story because I want you to know that we all go through the same emotions and I understand the vulnerability of standing in front of a camera and the trust that you place in me as a Professional Photographer. At the end of the day, how can I possibly expect you to invest in me if I’m not prepared to invest in myself?

When choosing to have my Business Portraits updated, there was only ever one photographer for me – Louise from Emotive Images. More than anything, I wanted the experience she offers because to me, having your photographs taken is more than just a click of a shutter button and I wanted a Professional who takes as much care in the entire experience as I do. Louise is simply the best at what she does and if you’re an experienced Professional looking to have your business visually branded, then look to her.


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