The Mamapreneur

I’m a Mama – a mamapreneur. I have a daughter – she’s 6. I love her more than life itself and she is the why behind Salt Mama Studio. Last school holidays, I forgot that fact and got a crash course on the limitations motherhood places on entrepreneurship. I wish it was full steam ahead – all of the time, but it’s not. Growing this business is a case of two steps forward, one step back. Balancing my roles is an impossibility and multi-tasking is nothing more than an excuse for not doing your best.


For one role to thrive, another must suffer (just a little). I want my girl to see that I work, I need her to know that you can do what you love and you should dream BIG! But I’m also teaching her that choices have consequences and some things are too great to risk. Raising her is the most important thing I will ever do in my life, my legacy will be her stability as an adult. These are the foundations we are laying now. Together, we decided that I wouldn’t offer photographic sessions during most school holidays so I could put her first. I love my job, LOVE what I do…but I love her more.


It was a hard pill for me to swallow at first and I felt like a bit of a failure as a photographer. Comparing myself to others (we know we shouldn’t, but we all do), I felt like I should be further along in my business than I am. It took a lot of soul searching to find peace with where I’m at, but I’m finding it. You see, photography for me is a lot like motherhood, I’m here for the long-haul. I have an enduring love for both and the more I practice, the better I get…at both.


When I look at her face, full of joy, it’s contagious and it reassures me that the path I’m on is the right one for me. So two steps forward and one back it is…as long as it’s in the right direction together for this Mamapreneur.


About Salt Mama Studio

A trusted name in Family & Creative Portrait Photography; Salt Mama Studio offers a unique experience for parents who want to slow down and capture themselves and their relationship with their children, just as they are now.

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