The Makeup and Beauty Mess

A year ago, I shared this link on my personal wall. It popped up today in my facebook feed and I got to thinking about how my attitude has changed over the past 12 months. I love this article still…but now I happen to like a little makeup too.

Here’s the thing – everything this article talks about is beautiful – real beauty. Makeup, well makeup is pretty. Up until recently, I had a conversation with my daughter regularly (hoping it would imprint!) about the difference between beautiful and pretty. It started a little something like this: “Beauty is felt, pretty is seen. Beauty stirs from within, it’s who we are. Pretty is skin deep, it has no staying power.” I’d ask her which one she’d prefer to be and mostly, she’d answer beautiful (which satisfied my ego), but sometimes she’d answer pretty. At first I chastised her, told her she was wrong. But one day I decided to stop and ask her why she’d made that choice and she answered “I don’t know, I just do”. I can’t say I thought to ponder it more until recently she asked me why I was putting on makeup. I answered “I don’t know, sometimes I just like it.” You see, I’ve started to wear a little makeup again for the first time in a long time and while I don’t wear it often, I like a little shimmer every now and then. You guessed it…sometimes it’s good to feel pretty too.

So what’s my point?
We’re all beautiful and we should all feel proud of who we are. We need to fall in love with our own selves, our beauty, first. But…It’s ok to feel proud of what you look like too regardless of whether it’s with tattoos, matching bras and undies, a nose ring or makeup. Sometimes, we end up making things deeper than they need to be in the hopes of sparing our children anguish when all we need do is be the person they need us to be and trust a little more.

Maybe we need a little less judgment and a little more heart connection with each other. I’m reminded of my new desk ornament: “As I let go of self judgement, I find it easier to let go of all judgement.” I’m taking off my “Judgy Goggles” in favour of more connection and I’m going to like the pretty and look for the beautiful in everyone – and my Mama Posse is helping me. (Thank god for my Mama Posse!)


Image Sourced from The Open Mind


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