Your Day…Your Way

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who’ll help you cut through the noise to get to heart of what really matters to you on your wedding day?

I can help.

Once the dress has been worn, the flowers are spent and the cake has been eaten, your photographs are what remains. Whatever your story, your photographs need to tell it.

How do you want to display your photographs?

We begin with the end in mind. Before any photographs are taken, I need to know how they will be displayed in your home. Creating a plan and shooting for it results in a vision that creates artwork that you will love. Listening to you and discovering how you’d love to portray what matters most to you is the first part of a wonderful journey towards having an anchor to your truth – your own personalised artwork.


Weddings begin with a standard rate of $395 per hour, extra photographers are available at $100 per hour. This rate includes all approved images, all basic processing and standard equipment. The fee covers the cost of my time, experience and equipment in taking the images you require.

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