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Ipswich Family Photography | The Webber Family Values

Ipswich Family Photography

I first met the Webbers last year at the Ipswich Show Ball when they won a portrait prize with Salt Mama Studio. From the moment I met them, I knew they would be a family that I would love everything about photographing. We tried a few times to get together over the past year – but poor health and heat waves stood in the way….until recently when all the stars aligned! I was right too – I loved EVERYTHING about photographing them! What a gorgeous, loving family…steeped in a wonderful tradition of generations who’s roots are firmly planted in our beautiful local area. So welcoming, it was like catching up with long lost friends.

It’s an uncommon thing to find 4 Generations and I was beyond thrilled to be able to capture moments like these that will become memories and history for future generations.


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