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Our daughter recently turned 8. Together, we decided to mark the occasion with a Salt Mama Family Portrait. She’s grown up in front of a camera and we’ve had our years of loving, not liking and tolerating having her picture taken. She’s styled her own photo sessions and has planned her shoot lists since she was three and I’m just so proud of her creativity and confidence. This portrait below just blows my mind and tugs at every one of my Mama-Heart-Strings. It’s everything that she is and everything that I hope for her. I see the baby she was, the child she is and the woman she is to become. It’s this feeling I strive to acheive for every parent when they look at portraits I have created for their own children.

I love the emotional exploration of portraiture and capturing the different relationships between each parent and their children. We’re all different peas in the same pod.

I just love these portraits! Stepping in front of a camera can be daunting, but I can honestly say it’s gets a whole lot easier when you find a photographer you connect with and trust. (and you know is going to make you look good!) Let’s face it though – family portraiture is only partly about the parents, it’s really about our children and showing them that they matter. It’s about providing them with a history that’s personal to them and a familiarity they can look for when they reach adulthood.

The Waschevski Family exists in print…so does one of our boys who just waltzed in and posed himself (as cats do!). My Family, photographed my way and I couldn’t be happier!

If you’re looking to have portraits taken of your family, your way, get in touch with me personally on 0466 992 134 to find out how Salt Mama Studio can best help you.


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