Salt Mama Families

Photo Sessions can sometimes be stressful for families. From wondering if the kids will behave, to agonizing over what to wear and convincing Dad that it won’t “hurt that much” – it may have been challenging for you in the past.

Great Photographs start with a Great relationship

Sessions with Amanda are anything but stressful. Fun-filled, happy and relaxed, Amanda doesn’t care about crazy kids! As a matter a fact, the crazier, the better for their real personality (the one you love most) will come out.

In Amanda’s 10 years of experience with kids, she’s seen it all and can handle anything kids throw at her. She is a passionate advocate for the Montessori ideology and you will notice that the children are given a lot of choice and respect.  On top of that, when you work with Amanda,  proper planning, a clear goal and knowing exactly what will happen, you will feel confident with your choices and Dad will be amazed at how “easy” it really was.

Creating long term relationships with my clients is the foundation of my business and I sure do love to watch families grow. Returning clients, just like Ray and his family (and new members to the “Salt Mama Family”) are my priority and get to take advantage of “Family Rates” for life – that’s a 25% discount on all packages.

Hello. I’m Amanda Waschevski.


I help people celebrate themselves, just as they are, through beautiful artwork. Are you ready to take the first step?


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