International Women’s Day 2019

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of talking with the Ipswich Women in Business for International Women’s Day 2019. Surrounded by amazing women, I was grateful to share a little of my story and my thoughts on the level of connection you can achieve when you remove your mask and consciously step in to you.

We covered why you’d want to connect in the first place, how you connect authentically and where we can start.

From the talk:

“I deal with people and mostly I deal with people who are incredibly vulnerable. I mean, I haven’t met a lot of people who’ve said – “Yes! I LOVE having my photo taken!!” I’ve come to understand in these past couple of years that the most important part of my job is the talking, the honest talking – the important stuff that happens before I even touch a camera.

I really fucked up in the first formulative years of my business by listening to other industry experts who proclaimed to have all the answers. In the end, by disconnecting to who I am and listening to someone else, I ended up looking and feeling like a bit of dick. I thought I had to wear that stock standard business mask and everything had to look perfect. I mean – isn’t photography all smoke and mirrors? Trouble was, I wasn’t perfect and mostly I was still just lost. Salt Mama was the beginning of change for me. She started as an ideology, she became a person and I felt like I was creating the woman I wanted to be.”

“…Throughout this, I’ve also stepped into me. Salt Mama wasn’t just the woman I wanted to be, she’s the woman I’ve always been and have been too scared to embrace.”

The best part of the talk was the honest talking afterwards. I absolutely loved listening to the stories that were shared in that room – the women of IWIB are remarkable and the women who organize it all are mind-blowing!! I’m incredibly grateful to have been asked to share a little of me on such an important day.

Thank you IWIB!

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