How to take beautiful photographs of your child – Learn to see

A photographer needs to understand how to be a good viewer. Look at your favourite photographs – the ones you absolutely love. Learn to identify the universal thread in those photographs, learn to honestly see your own photographs and consider what it is you’re saying about the person within your image.

But first…a word on Safety

If it looks dangerous, it probably is. The safety of our children must take priority over a cool shot. Bath time and swimming lessons can make for fun photo opportunities, but never leave a child alone near water while you fetch your camera. Compromising on safety is never EVER worth it.

Think before you shoot.

By all means, take lots of photographs if you love to take pictures, but make each shot count. With a little perception and preparation, you can find more fulfilment in creating it. Overall, I really want you to forget about focusing on only taking smiling pictures of your kids in favour of working towards taking beautiful photographs that celebrate all that they are right now because before you know it, they will have changed and grown!


Being prepared is crucial to being free to follow your instincts when you take photographs. The path to creative freedom begins by you liberating yourself from the false expectations of perfection. While very sophisticated these days, the camera still can’t think creatively. Your camera as merely a tool with which you can create images that express what you envision.

First of all, get your camera out and have it with you always. Learn to use it until it feels natural in your hands. Life happens quickly, especially with little kids and you need to be prepared to document it. When the camera is out and within your reach, it will lose it’s novelty to your children and photographs will become natural and familiar to them.

Set your Intention

What’s your intention for the photographs you’ll take today? Are you preparing an album? Are you photographing for a frame? A present for a loved one? 

What’s your style? Lifestyle or Documentary? There is no right or wrong, only what’s right for you when you’ve set your intention for the photographs you plan on taking that day. 

  • Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture people in everyday situations. It  is “posed” in a way that the photographer gives some direction and then documents the natural responses after.
  • Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people with no interference by the photographer at all.

Just the simple act of setting an intention will change the way you think about your photography.

There is the delicate art behind when and how I intervene and how I steer a shoot. It isn’t only about what I want to see; it’s about what wants to be seen. It is also about what that person I’m photographing is willing to show and then how they see themselves afterwards. There’s a lot of seeing and I do my best to see with my heart.

As a parent, you know all too well how to see with your heart, you naturally do that when you see your child. Preparation, mindfulness, intention and heart are the keys to beautiful photography.


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