How to take beautiful photographs of your child – An Introduction

As a Professional Photographer, I believe that my role is to mark the milestones in your life – the things that matter, because you matter and you deserve to exist in print. I see my Family Clients once every couple of years when it’s time to add to their Artwork on their walls or create a new Legacy Album to celebrate all that their family is and I absolutely love to watch families grow.

But what about photographing your children during the time in between?

As parents – we’re all searching for that magic formula for photographing our children. While tips and tricks abound for achieving that coveted natural smile and eye contact from a still and cooperative child, I have to ask you “Is this really all you want?”  I’d like to encourage you think differently about the photographs you’re taking and help you to not only capture that smile, but get the shots that make you smile.

Photographs should be meaningful. It’s undoubtedly a thrill to coax your child to look directly into the lens and lock perfect focus; there’s merit in that simple but beautiful form of portraiture.  I want to show you that there’s so much more to photographing your child.

In this blog series, I plan on exploring the question of why we should and how we can create beautiful photographs of our children that say something about them personally. I’ll share inspiring ways of capturing them as emerging little beings all the way through to adulthood. The goal is to create photographs that will not only stay on your walls, but in your family’s heart and mind for generations to come. This blog series will be a guide for parents with a working knowledge of their camera and are wanting to take more meaningful photographs of their children…and print them.

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