Happy New Year!

It’s overcast, I have a cup a coffee and my little girl is lost in the world of minecraft. This pause is peaceful.

The world kicks back into gear for a lot of you today and Salt Mama Studio is about to turn 1. Whether you think of today as just another day, or a chance to start anew, my wishes for you this New Year include less busyness and more lucidity, less doubt and more wonder, less stress and more lustre, less restriction and more limitlessness.

Salt Mama Studio has had an amazing first year! To each of you who have supported me both personally and professionally throughout it – thank you! I’m so grateful to you, humbled by you.

An exciting year lay ahead of us and I’m looking forward to sharing with and supporting you in the pursuit of lucidity, wonder, lustre and limitlessness.

Connection – it’s my focus for this year. What’s yours?


About Salt Mama Studio

A trusted name in Family & Creative Portrait Photography; Salt Mama Studio offers a unique experience for parents who want to slow down and capture themselves and their relationship with their children, just as they are now.

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