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A Guide to Portraits and Sizes

A portrait is more than just a picture of a person. The aim of portraiture is to capture the story behind the face.  This does not always mean that a portrait will be a realistic representation of a subject. Some clients choose to create abstract portraits – a portrait that may not tell you what the subject looks like, but may give you an understanding of what kind of person the are and how they like to be perceived.

Choosing the right size for your portrait ensures that the size of the subject’s head is close to actual life size, producing a wonderful portrait that will have a strong presence in a room and exquisite detail when viewed up close. The larger the portrait, the larger the room it will be hung in must be.

I recommend the following sizes and compositions for Portraits:

Head and Shoulders – 15 x 10 inch
Seated or Torso – 24 x 16 inch
3/4 Figure to Thighs – 20 x 30 inch
Full Length – 24 x 36 inch

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