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Family Photography – The Experience

Brisbane Family Photography

I’ve always believed that having your photographs taken should be fun; but even more than that – it should be an experience, something unforgettable and something that makes you step away from ‘busyness’ long enough to slow down and really be present with what matters most to you. I believe we have created just that. Truly, having your family’s photographs taken with Salt Mama Studio is a unique experience of whole-hearted connection.

Finding Raymond Mendes from Ray Makes Films to help me share a small part of this experience was a complete blessing and I’m so grateful to him. I couldn’t have envisioned this any better, such a perfect way to describe a Family Photography Experience with Salt Mama Studio and I’m absolutely in love with the result.

Spending time with these two gorgeous girls who were kind enough to share a part of their experience was the icing on the cake. What a delight they are and I love that they love their photographs!

Brisbane Family Photography

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We create photographs that you will love.

Salt Mama Studio is a private, professional photography studio in Ipswich, Qld. We are passionate about creating beautiful art that is thoughtful, sensitive and emotive. A photography experience with us preserves beautiful moments in wonderful artwork – moments that reflect the genuine essence of your family, your child, you.

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A trusted name in Family & Creative Portrait Photography; Salt Mama Studio offers a unique experience for parents who want to slow down and capture themselves and their relationship with their children, just as they are now.

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