Beginnings revisited | Exist in Print | Part 1

In January of 2015, I launched Salt Mama Studio and gave my very first talk on the importance of Existing in Print. I had a different vision for Salt Mama back then and while I couldn’t have imagined how much I love what she’s become in a short 2 years, she still stands on the same principles in which she began and I am still eternally grateful to the women who stood by my side that day. I might have been the one doing the talking, but I learned so much more by sharing and listening.

Over the next 4 blog posts, I want to share that talk with you.

Do you Exist in Print?

When did a piece of polycarbonate become a picture, a memory, our history?

Do you have pictures of your kids on the walls? Do you have pictures of yourself on the walls? How about pictures of your family tree on the wall? I want to talk about 3 key factors that I think are intricately linked to the question – Do you #ExistinPrint?

  1. The power of a photograph.
  2. Beauty in our society.
  3. Authenticity and Ownership.

The Power of a Photograph

Growing up, some my favourite memories were flipping through the pages of countless photo albums.  My favourite photos were of my mother and my grandmothers. I was fascinated with the mystery of who my mother was before me. What did she do? What did she wear? Would I grow up like her?  And holding those prints in my hands was like sharing in that memory, almost being a part of it. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I search for the similarity in us, a unity in motherhood. When you’re holding onto a photograph of your own childhood while looking at your child…it’s utterly magical! That right there, that’s the power of print. There’s a texture to it, it’s real and by holding it, you cherish it.

My daughter won’t share the fullness of my favourite childhood memories. Hers will be a little more limited because there are only a few photos left of me as a child and nothing of me as an adult before my wedding. While we were pregnant with her, everything we owned burned to the ground during Black Saturday. She will have storytelling alone. Storytelling, the lore of womanhood is a powerful tool. I can tell my story because I can share my mother’s story and her mother’s story visually. What triggers these stories? Photographs. Humans, we are visual creatures.

I wish I had understood that photos weren’t all about me and my short-comings when I was younger. I had so many issues – both with my body and my identity – and I was so busy looking for fault in the intricacies of the world that I failed to see the truth in simplicity within me. Pictures are not just unique or particular, they are also universal, profound so it’s not just about you, it’s about life, womanhood, manhood – history. Portraits are for your family, those you love and those who love you. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I started to understand this because, for the first time, life was bigger than me and I had to think about someone else’s life without me. How would I be remembered?

Read on to Part 2 HERE.


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