Enough | Exist in Print | Part 2

Enough of “Not Enough!”

At some point, whether you like it or not, someone is going to need a picture of you. What are they going to say at your funeral? “We don’t have a photo of her because she thought her butt was too big?” Or….”Oh goodness No! We can’t possibly show her photo because she had too many chins.” Really? Deep down you know that this superficial bullsh*t isn’t how we are remembered. People remember how we made them feel – a memory of a twinkle in the eye, a dimple, a certain something about a smile or a presence – not butts and chins. We’re just not wired that way!

We have been portraying ourselves to imitate, represent, flatter and situate with some kind of social status for a long time now. Until recently, if you could afford to get a portrait done in the first place, you were making a statement that you were important, that you mattered. With the integration of digital cameras, smart phones and the internet into our daily lives – we’re now drowning in a cesspool of technology that fuels our egos but disconnects us from our true selves. Social media is the new social status and while we used to keep up with the Jones’s; now we try to drown them in our glorious instagrammed lives…them and the countless other ‘facebook friends’ we have, who we don’t really know.

Did you realise that ours was the last generation who’s baby photos weren’t taken on a phone? We are facing a whole generation of women and men who probably won’t have any printed photos of themselves at all?

Look at how far we women have actually come. We can choose our own path, stand up and be counted, be heard. Our destinies are ours for the making. We can join with like minds across the world, collaborate, unite and share ideas and ideals. We have never been more powerful in our history…and yet, we have never been more self-absorbed, more self-critical, more judgemental and more superficial. We live in a society where our relationship to things outside of ourselves seems far more important than our relationship to ourselves. We are actually disconnected from truth.

It’s time to stop.

Get in photos.

Print them.

Exist in print for your friends and family because you matter.

Print, because hard drives fail and no one will pass down a USB stick with pride from generation to generation.

Why don’t we all have photos of ourselves out on display? Personally, I believe that the main reason is that we feel we’re not enough.  Not fit enough, not thin enough, not good enough, not beautiful enough. “Not enough” is a cycle that needs to stop and it needs to stop with us. We owe it to ourselves to fix our sh*t before our sh*t becomes our children’s sh*t.


You are a Perfect You!

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