Gift Cards at Salt Mama Studio

Give the gift of a beautiful experience with a portrait session with Amanda. Reconnect to what matters to you with a family portrait experience that includes a pre-session consultation, your photography session and a cinematic viewing and ordering appointment at the studio and up to $150 towards a product order. Gift Cards are available in […]

The I AM ME! Project – How does it work?

How it works Prior to the session, you’ll receive questionnaires to answer and SECRETLY pass out to family + friends. The portrait session takes place in my private studio, showcasing your tween’s personality and what they love. A week after your session, you will be invited back to the studio for a cinematic viewing of […]

The I AM ME! Project – Beautiful Products

#ExistInPrint is and always has been a core value of Salt Mama Studio. When you hold onto a photograph in your hands, you hold it in your heart. When you touch it, you step into in the memory of that moment. Every I AM ME! Appointment culminates in a beautiful album. Not just any album […]

Empowering Tween Photography

Introducing the “I AM ME!” Project

Tweens! Of all the age brackets, I believe that this one is the most important. BIG stuff happens between the ages of 9 and 12 – internal agreements are made, the consequences of which can be felt well into adulthood. While Mummy and Daddy’s arms are still the safest place in the world for now, […]

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Studio Photography vs On Location Photography

Why would you pick one over the other? I’ve got a few thoughts.  Let’s explore them together. To me, On Location Family Photography is all out fun. We pick a beautiful location (usually somewhere special to your family), meet on the day and get busy playing games that evoke particular expressions. The kids get to […]