Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Jenny’s Family Photography In The Studio

I’ve always felt that a good portrait not only shows a fundamental human truth, but it also makes you stop when you see it hanging on your wall. This is what Jenny wanted when she brought her children in for a studio session with me and the portraits below are what we created together. Damn, […]

Karron’s Family Photography Out On Location

I love studio photography – I really do. I also love that my studio is air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. But… In Autumn and Spring, I love to take it outside and if I’m not photographing in your home, I love one place in particular and I’d like to share a little of […]

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Ipswich Family Photography | Imagine your family

Imagine a portrait of your family. Confident, connected, hopeful, content. Fashion comes and goes, decor can change. This is Your Family. The art that we create together will stand as a testament to the connection you share today and will last for the generations that will follow you. More than just a photo shoot, this unique experience […]

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Studio Photography vs On Location Photography

Why would you pick one over the other? I’ve got a few thoughts.  Let’s explore them together.   To me, On Location Family Photography is all out fun. We pick a beautiful location (usually somewhere special to your family), meet on the day and get busy playing games that evoke particular expressions. The kids get […]

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Continuing Stories | Spicers Hidden Vale Family Photography

To celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary, Amy and Dan flew to the place they were married and marked the occasion with beautiful family photography. I met them at Spicer’s Hidden Vale and the day was perfect. The entire extended family joined us and while I can’t share those photographs here, we created amazing family portraits […]

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Ipswich Family Photography | My Family

My greatest loves. Our daughter recently turned 8. Together, we decided to mark the occasion with a Salt Mama Family Portrait. She’s grown up in front of a camera and we’ve had our years of loving, not liking and tolerating having her picture taken. She’s styled her own photo sessions and has planned her shoot […]

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Family Photography – The Experience

I’ve always believed that having your photographs taken should be fun; but even more than that – it should be an experience, something unforgettable and something that makes you step away from ‘busyness’ long enough to slow down and really be present with what matters most to you. I believe we have created just that. Truly, having […]

Ipswich Family Photography

Ipswich Family Photography | The Webber Family Values

I first met the Webbers last year at the Ipswich Show Ball when they won a portrait prize with Salt Mama Studio. From the moment I met them, I knew they would be a family that I would love everything about photographing. We tried a few times to get together over the past year – […]

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Ipswich Family Photography | Three Generations of Love

Love is silly songs. It’s unconditional and it lasts forever. Love does crazy things – but it never stops, it never judges and it certainly doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Meet these three crazy, eccentric, loud…and amazingly loving, caring and generous girls. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that they are […]