Salt Mama Studio is FIVE!

What a journey! I started this business with such clear intention and it feels like it kinda got a bit muddied somewhere. I’ve spent the past year just sitting with Salt Mama Studio as I built up my headshot brand: Ipswich Headshots. I’d lost my personal navigation system and found myself trying to fit into […]

Gift Cards at Salt Mama Studio

Give the gift of a beautiful experience with a portrait session with Amanda. Reconnect to what matters to you with a family portrait experience that includes a pre-session consultation, your photography session and a cinematic viewing and ordering appointment at the studio and up to $150 towards a product order. Gift Cards are available in […]

Ipswich Wedding Photography

Meg + Daniel got Married

What a day…what a beautiful day. These two, they just fit and I love them both. I’m so grateful to have been a part of their wedding. Hello. I’m Amanda Waschevski. I AM A PORTRAIT & FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN IPSWICH, QLD.  I help people celebrate themselves, just as they are, through beautiful artwork. Are […]

Heard of Chatbooks?

“Hold on to the things you love” – that’s the motto of this company. And geez, you’ve got to love that. I’ve just ordered my seventh Chatbook and thought it might be high time I shared this great company with you. Chatbooks is an American company that started in 2014. It’s an app that can […]

What are you really paying for when you pay a “Session Fee” at Salt Mama Studio?

Let’s talk Value! Much the same as a Mechanic charges for labour and parts separately, I charge a session fee and a separate price per portrait product. Currently, the studio session fee is $100 for Individuals and $150 for Families. This fee formally books your portrait appointment and covers your pre-session consultation in her Woodend studio, your […]

Salt Mama Studio - Portrait Photography - The Raw Portrait

Wrapping up “The Art of Showing Up”

Yesterday, I picked up my prints from my first exhibition. What a wonderful experience it was and I loved putting my work out there. I’m already working on the next one planned for early next year. The best part of the exhibition has been talking with the amazing women who participated all over again, and […]

Why my business is back on Social Media…

…just a little more wiser. Almost six months ago, I removed my business from social media. I wrote this blog post explaining why. At the time, my reasoning was relevant to my business and it still is today – but honestly, it was also a little narrow-minded and short-sighted. I love what stepping away from […]

An Artist’s Statement

Last week I tasked myself to write an Artist’s Statement – something I’d been avoiding for a long time. Recently, I’ve come across Steven Pressfield’s book: The War of Art. In it, he talks about the Resistance and Doing the Work. (If you’re a creative, I can highly recommend his books – they’ve become my […]

International Women’s Day 2019

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of talking with the Ipswich Women in Business for International Women’s Day 2019. Surrounded by amazing women, I was grateful to share a little of my story and my thoughts on the level of connection you can achieve when you remove your mask and consciously step in to […]

How Family Portraits Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem

One of the hidden but powerful aspects of family photography that moms and most photographers rarely consider is how it can help us raise children with stronger confidence in their own worth and abilities. Psychologists and experts have done some work in recent decades exploring the link. A revealing study was conducted in 1975 with […]