Happy New Year!

It’s overcast, I have a cup a coffee and my little girl is lost in the world of minecraft. This pause is peaceful. The world kicks back into gear for a lot of you today and Salt Mama Studio is about to turn 1. Whether you think of today as just another day, or a chance […]

A Guide to Portraits and Sizes

A portrait is more than just a picture of a person. The aim of portraiture is to capture the story behind the face.  This does not always mean that a portrait will be a realistic representation of a subject. Some clients choose to create abstract portraits – a portrait that may not tell you what […]

A Montessori Approach – a way of life.

My husband and I have always been conscious parents – at least we’ve tried to be.  From the moment our daughter was born, we’ve been very aware that we were raising an adult, not a child and we were ready to put her first. I like to think we got all our ‘selfish’ out before having […]

The “Santa” Question most parents dread…

I love Christmas, it’s one of the most magical times of the year – especially when you can look at it through the eyes of a child. Our little Miss is 6 and she’s one smart cookie. I remember taking her in to Brisbane City last Christmas for the lighting of the tree and I […]

The Magic of Christmas – 2015 with Salt Mama Studio at Urban Yogi, Kenmore!

Why settle for a generic holiday card when you can share the Magic of your Child’s Christmas with friends and family this year? Salt Mama Studio is offering individual Christmas Card sessions for your child at Urban Yogi, Kenmore. Imagine sharing your very own unique cards this Christmas that showcase your child immersed in the […]

Help! I’ve got a thousand photos on my phone and no space!

  Critical mass is approaching fast and there’s a little Scotty in your phone shouting at you “I’m givin’ her all she’s got Captain, but I can’t give her much more!” Yes, you guessed it. It’s time to sort those photos out on your phone. Things were a whole lot simpler with a roll of […]

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

It was a few months ago now that a friend of mine gave me the book “The life changing magic of tidying up”. “Catchy title” I thought, but I wondered what I could really learn from it. After all, in my bones I know that the state of your ‘space’ reflects the state of your […]

Go gently

I love yoga – I get the addiction. Who’d have though it?!? It reminds me to be gentle with myself and others and today, I was reminded of the importance of allowing others to be gentle with me. There’s a little marveling going on there too – our bodies are pretty damned amazing. I think […]

Lessons Learned

I remember my little’s Miss’ first couple of years vividly. I have 100’s of photographs to remind me. (Wait, it could be 1000s.) I completed my first photography course just before she turned three. Initially, the amount of photos I took tripled – my little Miss is definitely my muse. The better I get though, […]

The Mamapreneur

I’m a Mama – a mamapreneur. I have a daughter – she’s 6. I love her more than life itself and she is the why behind Salt Mama Studio. Last school holidays, I forgot that fact and got a crash course on the limitations motherhood places on entrepreneurship. I wish it was full steam ahead – […]