An Artist’s Statement

Last week I tasked myself to write an Artist’s Statement – something I’d been avoiding for a long time. Recently, I’ve come across Steven Pressfield’s book: The War of Art. In it, he talks about the Resistance and Doing the Work. (If you’re a creative, I can highly recommend his books – they’ve become my new bibles!)

The up-coming Exhibition is a big deal for me in more ways than one. It feels like a coming of age and I find myself taking pride in my work while remaining humble enough to understand there is always more to learn – but I am no longer ‘green’. That’s the thing I really love about portraiture in this day and age – there’s always something new to learn, always more value to add and it’s an art-form that will never stagnate.

So – here it is. My Artist’s Statement for 2019.

My whole life has been a exploration of understanding me.  Since surviving the tragedy of Black Saturday, I’ve found that creating art not only helps me express my innards, but also enables me connect to others on a very real level, a skill I’ve always held but never embraced until recently.

There is a quietness to portraiture, it fills me with peaceful stillness in an increasingly hectic world.  My favourite subjects are Mamas…and I love to photograph them just as they are, everyday. I believe that every woman is a work of art when they allow themselves to be seen honestly and wholly.

Our beauty and worth only ripens as we journey from Maiden to Mother to Crone and it’s our responsibility to honour ourselves and each other until the wheel turns full circle. The stories of our lives, those we’ve touched and those who’ve come before us are written in the lines on our face…and I’ve never seen a more beautiful face than one that’s full of stories.

The medium is a camera, the vision begins with the subject and the art blossoms on my screen. Inspiration is drawn from Baroque Painters through modern, cutting edge photographers and everything in between.

Authenticity,  Substance over Superficiality, Self Worth, Value, Integrity, Individuality, Strength – these are all traits of my brand, myself and my clients.

This collection of portraits features the unique works of art inspired by my conversations with each of these glorious women.  My hope is for every woman to have an anchor to her own truth hanging on her wall – a truth that she loves and loves to look at so that she can show her children how to love themselves for who they are, not just how they are.

More photographs will be shared today than at any point in history, we all have a camera in our phones and it’s with us (almost) all of the time. Is there a place for a Portrait in the age of the ‘selfie’? I have to believe YES!

“A picture is of a person. A portrait is about a person.” Arthur Rainville

To me, a portrait is more than just a picture of a person. The aim of portrait photography is to capture the story behind the face. We are drawn to portraits because they are of human beings and we are human beings. We can relate to them because a face can say so much without words.

My name is Amanda Waschevski and I’m on a mission to help you exist in print, just as you are. I want to help you understand that you matter enough to have a portrait of you hanging on your wall. I especially want to photograph the Mother who looks through their family albums and sees they are missing because they avoided the camera – I know exactly how that feels. Love and celebrate who you are right now for the people who love you – your family, your friends, your children, yourself. Let me show you that “unphotogenic” is not a real word.

My goal as a photographer became clear when I started my studio: to find the substance over the superficiality.

About Salt Mama Studio

A trusted name in Portrait Photography; Salt Mama Studio offers a unique experience for those individuals who want to slow down and capture themselves or their children, just as they are now.

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