Photographing Motherhood at Every Stage

Ipswich Child Photographer

Picture your child. This is the face you have loved from the moment you first saw it. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t truly understand how big love could be until our daughter made us a family. Now that she’s a little older, I’ve come to understand that my face is the face she’s loved from the moment she first saw it too. For her, it is the source of comfort, safety, acceptance, pride, whimsy, hilarity, love….that’s what she sees when she looks at me (even though I might not always see it in me).  All I need to do is show up, just as I am to be the right mix of mama for her – Just. As. I. Am. This is the root from which everything “Salt Mama” grows.

You are a Work of Art…just as you are.

Ipswich Portrait Photographer

“The aim of art is not to show the outward appearance of things, but to show their inner significance.” Aristotle  I believe that if we all work towards discovering our inner significance, we will realise that we are already our own glorious works of art. Art that should be printed and cherished. You deserve to Exist In Print…Because You Matter. 

How lucky we are these days that we’re surrounded with the technology capable of capturing every moment. We all have smart phones and tablets; digital cameras are more impressive than ever. I have to wonder though –  while we’re capturing the moments, are we actually present for them? And while you’re taking the photographs, you’re not actually in the photographs. Did you know that a photograph with a parent is the number one request from children when I ask them what they’d like most during their time with me. I love that! While you might be worried about your outtards, your child only sees your innards. That’s the real beauty of motherhood and parenting.

Beautiful, connected family photography.

About Portrait Sessions

Portrait sessions generally take place in my private studio. Getting to know you is key to the type of art I create. We will meet in my studio beforehand for a chai and a chat to talk a little and listen a lot. You need to feel confident in my skill to deliver the type of portrait you’d love to create and I need to make sure that I can hold a space that will allow that to happen. I am always aware of the magnitude of trust involved when creating a portrait for someone. It is a big deal when you open yourself to vulnerability and a big part of my job is to hold that safe space for you to be you.

Ipswich Portrait Photographer

About Family Photography Sessions

Family photography sessions can take place in my private studio, at your home or out on location.

Outdoors sessions are available on weekends only, early morning and late afternoon all year round (times will vary with the seasons). Studio Sessions are available on some weekdays and most weekends. Please book well in advance if you require a weekend spot, especially during the peak seasons of autumn and spring.

I choose locations that suit your family (ages and interests), the season, the time of day, whether you have a pet, and any special requests.

I also do ‘at home’ sessions by special request. Please note that these sessions need to be booked well in advance because I may need to block out an entire afternoon or morning, and allow extra time for travel.

#ExistInPrint – #BecauseYouMatter