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A Portrait of Motherhood


Salt Mama Studio - Portrait Photography - Mother Daughter

I’ve wanted to create a portrait like this for a long time now and I’ve finally done it. It took a while, but it was worth it. The idea for this portrait began last year – to create a beautiful, dreamy piece of art about the Mother in Motherhood. As Mamas, we are always putting our children first, most of us wouldn’t have it any other way either, but it’s the strength of the Mother who drives the family unit and this is what I wanted to show. I’ve tried to create a strong, feminine portrait of the Earth Mother & Warrior Goddess within us – the protective mama and fierce slayer.  I LOVE it! I learn so much through personal projects like this one, always more than I planned. They feed my creativity and help me express more of who I am.

First step was the make the skirt and paint the backdrop. I knew I wanted blue/yellow tones, but I’m only new to this backdrop painting business and my colours were WAY OFF. Lesson learned for next time though. (One thing I did change about my backdrop this time was the fabric – I painted on blind fabric and it was awesome! No priming and 1/4 of the paint – very easy stuff!) The skirt is a simple tulle skirt and you can find a bunch of tutorials on the web – just search “No Sew Tulle Skirt”.

I hired a makeup artist for this shoot and boy, she was great – made my retouching very easy. I’m looking forward to working with her again – Makeup by Jessica Paige. You can find her facebook page here. It was such a beautiful shoot; a wonderful time spent with wonderful people. Thoroughly loved the whole process and the final result…so does Emma…and that makes me one very happy little artist!

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