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A Mama’s Gift

When Damian came to me to organise a present for his wife, I knew it was going to be challenging, but there’d also be a wonderful element of fun. He and his wife have this thing where they try and outdo each other every year for their birthdays and this year he wanted to up the ante and bring a tear to her eyes. What’s the best way to bring a tear to a Mama’s eyes? You guessed it! A beautiful portrait of their children. What a heartfelt thing to organise for her.

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

Michelle now has a lovely portrait of her boys displayed on her wall and I’m sure she smiles each time she sees it. Oh, I’m told there were tears too – wonderful Happy-Mama-Tears! Yay! #BriefFulfilled

These fellas were so much fun to have in the studio, I thought I might share a few “behind the scenes” photographs. You know, I keep telling everyone that having your photograph taken with me is fun – but it only dawned on me today that I don’t actually share the fun stuff, only the final product – so how would you actually know if I don’t actually show?

Brothers….even brothers from another Mama! These are the things you do to get the shot…bahahaha! Honestly though, these fellas were fabulous in front of my camera. I absolutely love it when people just let go and have fun and these guys are the poster boys for that! I’ve even popped a few of their monochrome portraits up over at my commercial brand – Waschevski Commercial Photography because their look is so versatile!

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