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Salt Mama Studio specialises in photographing motherhood at every stage. Take the time to reconnect to what matters. Capture you and the relationships that surround you, just as they are now. I am passionate about creating beautiful art that reflects the genuine, authentic essence of you, your family, your child...because you matter.

Photographs are not just unique or particular.

 They are also universal, profound; so they're not just about you, they're about life – creating our future history. 
Photographs are for your family, for those you love and those who love you.

Within the pages of my website you'll find a variety of examples of my work and important information about the values of my brand. Please explore! I am a passionate advocate for printing your photographs and hanging them on your walls. I have learned over the years that for some people, investing in themselves and seeing themselves represented in beautiful artwork can be quite a journey. I am here to walk that path with you to ensure that you Exist in Print.

“Amanda is both artist and muse, a powerful combination. With this gift she gently sees to the depth of you and your intention and this in turn inspires you to feel safe and authentic in your space. The definition of the expression ‘Salt of the Earth’ generally denotes a person that is reliable, trustworthy, kind, straightforward, brings flavour and of great worth. This in my opinion describes Amanda’s Salt Mama and as such I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a photographer for yourself and your business to be seen. “

Light Kinesiology: Photography by Salt Mama Studio

“Oh I just love LOVE what Amanda captured for us. What an invaluable gift to see my family, MY boys exactly as they were at that point in time. I am so grateful to have found her to make such wonderful memories because she didn’t just take our photos, you gave us a warm, fun and loving experience to let my babies’ happiness shine. I can’t wait to do it again soon and in years to come! Thank you ♡”


“Amanda made me feel comfortable throughout the process and I am very happy with the end result. She has photographed my children and captured their essence in a way that no photographer had ever done before. I can now see the difference between the branded baby mag photography and great artistic photography. I only wish I knew Amanda when my girls were born.”

Ipswich Portrait Photographer

“My whole family has now shot with Amanda on several occasions and the experience and results have always been amazing.”

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

“Amanda held my hand, taking my children and I on a journey of rediscovery. I will forever be grateful.”

Salt Mama Studio - Ipswich Family Photography

About Amanda

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Amanda Waschevski and I’m on a mission to help Mamas #ExistInPrint. I want to show you that you are a perfect you, just as you are and you matter enough to have a portrait of yourself hanging on your wall. I specialise in a complete experience that is not only valuable, but is fun too and it results in legacy artwork of photographs that you will love.