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Craig Stampfli

Never before has visual media played such an integral part in our everyday lives. Whether you are scrolling through Facebook, booking your next holiday, browsing or shopping online….one major consistency across the board is high quality imagery. These photographs shape your experience. They make a statement about the quality of the product/service and whether it is worth your time. In a society where we are all time poor, this is extremely important. Despite the well-known phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, we are naturally visual creatures, and it is in our nature to make first impressions from the images we see. It is becoming more important to use image-based marketing strategies for your website with the rise of a visual culture.

With more businesses marketing their services online, you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. At  Salt Mama Studio, I realise that great photography on your website will not replace the value of amazing customer service, a hard earned reputation or dedicated staff, but it will help you to stand out from your competitors and foster confidence and trust in your brand. Professional photography provides context to the services that you offer.

What would it mean to have an anchor to your truth?

Your Professional Portrait

To me, a portrait is more than just a picture of a person. The aim of portraiture is to capture the story behind the face. We are drawn to portraits because they are of human beings and we are human beings. We can relate to them because a face can say so much without words. This point is incredibly relevant in todays online world. More often than not, your first impression is your headshot. Wouldn’t you love yours to stand out from your competition for all the right reasons?

Why choose Amanda for your Professional Portrait?

  1. I can come to you.
  2. Your session can completed be during your lunch hour.
  3. Quick turn around time on the finished product.
  4. Professional Retouching is included.
  5. Images are optimised for both Print and Web use.
  6. You have full usage rights – use the image how you want for as long as you want.

My Professional Portrait Package starts at $150.

By taking the time to listen, I create Professional Portraits that are incredibly relatable.

I also offer Business Branding & Event Photography. Read more here.

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