People of Ipswich

People of Ipswich

People of Ipswich is a personal project of mine, something very dear to my heart. The gift of  powerful, uplifting family portraits to those fighting or surviving cancer and other life threatening illnesses and their families during their most fragile time. These charitable portrait sessions are simply a way for people battling cancer to relax, enjoy, and create memories with loved ones.

Celebrating life is important, which is why this service is free. Photography is a gift that allows you to capture beautiful moments in time. Looking at a photograph allows you to relive happy memories in both times of grieving or celebration. This is why I believe it is so important to give those in the battle with cancer and their families these lasting memories.

Each family is presented with a matted archival print of their favourite portrait and a digital copy of all the images. It is my aim that the portraits will help the subjects see themselves in a new light. The portraits are not of sick people, but of strong and beautiful people filled with hope, courage and dignity.

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People of IpswichPeople of Ipswich