5. People of Ipswich

People of Ipswich | Jodie

People of Ipswich | Salt Mama Projects

How to write about Jodie? This is one woman where “More than meets the eye” is an understatement. She’s really real (really!) and if you ask her a question, be prepared for tell you exactly how it is.  She’s been blessed with a child who has special needs and is a full time carer for her husband. (They all take turns though, she tells me – sometimes she’s the one who needs care.)  She also runs a play group, support groups and a couple of ‘My Time’ night groups here in Ipswich as well.

Jodie’s life isn’t perfect, but it’s beautiful and it’s full. “You do what you need to do to get through the day. Sometimes, you get to do the fun stuff, sometimes not.” Once a year she gives herself permission to be a little selfish and has a girl’s weekend away with her close friends. She gets to reconnect with her husband when her son goes to stay at a camp once a year with the NDIA community. This year will be their 13th anniversary.

People of Ipswich | Salt Mama Projects
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I’m honoured to say that I’m a member of a community in which people like Jodie live. When I asked her why she does so much, she replied that if she doesn’t, it could be the difference between a family getting the support they need and a family not making it. Man, that’s powerful.

On ya Jodie.

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