Family Portraits

Every family has a story to share. Let’s share yours.

“What would it mean for our families, our community, and even the world if a critical mass of parents raised children who knew their worth and connected with others from a place of empathy and respect? Children who navigate the world believing, “Yes, we are all imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that we’re also brave and worthy of love and belonging.” It doesn’t matter if your child is 4 years old, 14, or 44 – parenting is a lifetime commitment.” Brene Brown

Family Portraits | Ipswich

Imagine a portrait of your child, your family, you. Confident, connected, hopeful, content. In times of struggle, they can look back to that portrait and re-centre. You can re-centre. Each time you pass by your artwork, hung on your walls, you’ll be able to step right back into the magical, emotional heart-connection that you share. Love! It’s everything.Brisbane Family Photographer

For me, a great Family Portrait is created through Connection.

Fashion comes and goes, decor can change – sometimes even homes. This is Your Family and the art that we create together will stand as a testament to the connection you share today across generations. Your photography is about you and my mission is to show you that you are a work of art.  I like to think of my style of photography as telling a story in the colours of your family. Some stories are quiet, personal and to find them I need to listen very carefully. Other stories are loud, boisterous and all-in fun. Some of us grin softly while others overflow with big toothy smiles. EVERY story is beautiful and I’m here to help you tell yours.

Ipswich Family Photographer

Salt Mama Studio is the studio that comes to you!

Your experience starts and finishes in the familiarity of your own home. Our Connection Consultation is a wonderful activity based discovery of the colours of your family and what makes you You. This consultation generally takes place a week before your Photographic Appointment. Your Photographic Appointment is where we bring your colours to life and it takes place wherever you and your children are most comfortable – in your own home or at a location that’s hold a special place in your family’s heart. The experience concludes in the comfort of your own home with your Portrait Premiere. You can relax and be treated to a cinematic presentation of your photographic art on the same day as we create it – You are your own work of art!

Ipswich Family Photographer

Where there is love, inspiration and imagination, anything is possible.

Having your family’s photographs taken with Salt Mama Studio is a unique experience of whole-hearted connection.

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