People of Ipswich

People of Ipswich

People of Ipswich is a personal project of mine and it’s found it’s true north. The gift of powerful, uplifting family portraits to those fighting or surviving cancer and other life threatening illnesses and their families during their most fragile time. These charitable portrait sessions are simply a way for people battling cancer to relax, […]

People of Ipswich

People of Ipswich | Bogi

This is Bogi’s Story. She is a woman, a sister, a friend, a lover, a wife and a mum to two adorable toddlers. She also happens to be bald. For 34 years she had hair. She was healthy, she traveled the world, met the love of her life in England before settling down to start […]

People of Ipswich | Jenny

Meet Jenny – A person of Ipswich. She’s a former florist, long term hospo manager working as cafe manager for Dancing Bean Espresso Cafe. She’s studying a Diploma of University Studies approaching a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jenny is a single mother of a 2 year old girl. She was born and raised in Ipswich, […]

People of Ipswich | Karron

Meet Karron | A Person of Ipswich “I’ve lived in Ipswich for over a year now, having moved here due to my husband’s work in the Australian Army. It’s taken me to different parts of the country, living in many different communities. During my time in Ipswich, I’ve also competed in the Mrs Galaxy Australia […]

People of Ipswich | Jodie

Meet Jodie – A person of Ipswich. “I am never boring; my story is yet to be determined. Living on the cusp of disability help and support. Major advocate for Autism and people with a disability.”

People of Ipswich | Ashleigh & Daniel

Meet Ashleigh & Daniel – People of Ipswich “Most of my life’s milestones have occurred in Ipswich. I was born here and went to school here. I met my husband here (even though he’s not from around here). I had my son here – our whole life is here. Life is good!”

People of Ipswich | Cate

Meet Cate – a Person of Ipswich! “Get as involved in your community as you can. Go to events, say random “Hellos” in the street, swap mobile numbers with your neighbours. Ipswich is where we choose to raise out kids, let’s make it great together.” Right on Cate! Love these words!

People of Ipswich | Salt Mama Projects

People of Ipswich | Russ

Russ Wright is the managing director for the non-for profit organisation Vital Projex. From the moment you meet Russ you instantly engaged, one of Russ’ personal attributes is an ability to engage through speech. Calm and direct in manner you can’t help but feel welcomed and relaxed in his presence. Russ’ passion is his charity […]

People of Ipswich | Salt Mama Projects

People of Ipswich | Donna

Donna is a self confessed wonder, meaning she often leaves people wondering why; namely why she does what she is doing or how she gets things done. If you ask her yourself she’d tell you it’s all about supporting people and having a genuine care factor. Donna created Ipswichhub an online photography hub designed to share […]

People of Ipswich | Salt Mama Projects

People of Ipswich | Dave

Meet Dave. Dave is a family man, a part of the Australian Army and also a part of Soldier On. He’s a busy kind of fella.  Dave also suffers from PTSD. “It was East Timor in 2006 that I picked up the PTSD even though I wasn’t formally diagnosed until mid 2015.” Dave started dog […]