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The Age of Order

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Picture your child. This is the face you’ve loved for just over six years now. You’ve already seen some pretty big changes, but what you & your child are about to experience together is even bigger still. Life becomes bigger as we enter the age of “I”. Socially, your child is changing as they find their place on the ladder. Their skills are still forming and guess where they’ll experiment with their behaviour most? That’s right…with you! Take some solace though my parental peer, your children will only experiment with social behaviour where they feel the safest. (Yay!) Physically, we’re transported back to infancy with the reappearance of the toothless grin. Not for long though, because accompanying adult teeth is a change in the jaw line and those luscious round cheeks are lessening to reveal a hint of the teenager to come.

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According to Maria Montessori, this is the beginning of the Second Plane of Development and the absorbent mind gives way to the conscious mind. So what does this mean? For starters, learning now takes place at a slower, steadier pace. The pack (their peers) become more important than their parents as they learn to get along in a social world. Children at the second plane lose that need for physical order and develop a strong moral sense of order. They have a very strong sense of justice and perceived fairness and following the rules becomes very important. They need good role models as they learn about values. You will need to trust that your family values will outlast any sudden social ‘fads’.

Child Photographer | Ipswich

Between the ages of 6 and 12, children experience great growth physically but it’s the mental growth that really stands out. A vivid imagination kicks in and they need to hear stories of greatness and goodness and moral values. The mind of the elementary child concerns itself with building a conscience, that inner sense of what is right and wrong. During this period of growth, they need to know that the adults in their lives love, respect, and understand them – unconditionally.

This time of life is messy, ordered, confusing, hilarious, serious and loopy. Yes, it’s life – life with kids and it’s amazing. Being a kid is tough, there’s lots to learn and the older they get, the more serious they become as they learn more about the world they live in. For right now though, they can still let it all hang out without caring what it looks like. My greatest wish is for children to carry this remarkable ability throughout their teenage years and into adulthood – to live life with abandon.Brisbane Family Photography

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