Salt Mama Studio is the premiere Photography Studio in Ipswich, Queensland. A trusted name in PEOPLE Photography for business professionals, families and children; Salt Mama Studio offers a unique experience whether you are Busy in Business or a Parent who wants to slow down and capture their relationship with their Children, just as they are now. I am passionate about creating beautiful art that is thoughtful, sensitive and emotive. A photography experience with Salt Mama Studio preserves beautiful moments in wonderful artwork - moments that reflect the genuine essence of your family, your child, you...because you matter.

My Services Include…

Children’s Portraits

From the First Year Portrait all the way though High School, I want to help you celebrate all that your child is – because they matter. Are you looking for a photographer who will take the time to listen to your child in order to photograph them as they truly are?

Family Portraits

More than just a photo shoot, this unique experience is for those parents who want to slow down and capture their relationship with their children, just as they are now. It’s for those who’ve always wanted a beautiful family portrait for their wall that honours each individual.

Professional Portraits

Your Image Matters. Your online presence needs to remain an authentic representation of you and your brand – no matter what your Profession. How much would it mean to have an anchor to your truth? Stand up to stand out.




About Amanda

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Amanda Waschevski and I’m on a mission to help people #ExistInPrint. I want to show you that you are a perfect you, just as you are and you matter enough to have a portrait of yourself hanging on your wall. Wouldn’t you love to experience what it’s like to be photographed with the people you love the most? Let me help you connect you back to yourself, your family. I specialise in a complete experience that is not only valuable, but is fun too and it results in legacy artwork of photographs that you will love.

“I have never known a photographer who is as smart, creative, thoughtful and down to earth as Amanda. She works hard to make sure her clients will be happy with their portraits, and her attention to detail is what sets her apart from the others. She makes you feel comfortable in your sessions, and she is terrific with kids. Amanda’s talent is such a gift to the world.”


“Amanda made me feel comfortable throughout the process and I am very happy with the end result. She has photographed my children and captured their essence in a way that no photographer had ever done before. I can now see the difference between the branded baby mag photography and great artistic photography. I only wish I knew Amanda when my girls were born.”


“Amanda’s ability to capture the personality of the individual is remarkable. Her creative eye for composition and natural gift with the camera is evident in the quality product she is able to deliver every time. This is something many photographers dream about but Amanda makes it a reality.”


“Amanda held my hand, taking my children and I on a journey of rediscovery. I will forever be grateful.”


Like to know more about the Experience?

Having your family’s photographs taken with Salt Mama Studio is a unique experience of whole-hearted connection. This is Your Family and the art that we create together will stand as a testament to the connection you share today across generations. Watch the video to a Salt Mama Family's experience.